Haydee 2 outfits

This article is about the character. Go here for the game itself. Haydee is the titular protagonist and player character of Haydeealthough not the only one of her kind.

However, Haydee may be forced to use any of these methods depending on the circumstances; whether it be a puzzle that results in death if wrongly attempted, easily missed-opportunities that would be extremely beneficial to her or simply having limited ammunition.

Haydee herself is an extremely capable individual, being able to use any item given to her immediately without error, use firearms with perfect accuracy and even having unlimited endurance for physical activity.

haydee 2 outfits

Her dependence on the Player however means these abilities are worth nothing in bad hands, but gives experienced ones unhindered control. The purpose of each Haydee unit is to work their way through the facility and replace its master with itself, allowing them to reconfigure it as they wish. However, another option is initially presented to each Haydee unit; escaping the facility altogether, although this is actually unachievable and results in the units seemingly eventually dying of natural causes instead.

As hinted at by the beginning console text and demonstrated by the control ending, each Haydee unit is designated by a specific iteration. If a Haydee unit fails to replace the master, either by attempting to escape the facility or being killed, the last iteration quad will increase by 1; as seen by the Player-controlled Haydee's designation ending in E, while the next Haydee's ends in E as seen in the Deadlock and Escape endings.

If E instead becomes a master, the 2nd to last iteration quad increases instead for the next unit, signifying a new cycle; in the Control ending, the new Haydee's designation is ABBAC Haydee also has abnormally large breasts, comparable even to her own head.

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haydee 2 outfits

Community Hub. Haydee II is a third-person puzzle-shooter, but with a sexy character and a cake! Recent Reviews:.

All Reviews:. Haydee Interactive. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign In or Open in Steam.

Haydee 2 – How to DIY Nude Mod

Haydee 2 EULA. Includes 30 Steam Achievements. Publisher: Haydee Interactive. Franchise: Haydee. Share Embed. Add to Cart. It is another maze of 6 themed sections and rooms filled with enemies, puzzles and hidden items, where your only friends are your gun, your wits and item management.

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It is you against the challenge. You either give up or accept it. The choice is yours. This game will not give you: Any clue or direction from the narrator Interactive maps Autosaves or checkpoints Health regeneration Objective markers Enough ammo or health kits Enough inventory space Mercy But it will give you mods and an editor.Haydee has three separate Endings available, being the Control, Deadlock and Escape endings.

Each ending requires the retrieval of the Orange Keycard from the Blue Zone ; they can only be accessed at the very end of the game, and immediately end it upon achieving one. Reaching any ending for the first time will earn the player achievements based on the difficulty they were playing on.

Subsequent endings can earn different achievements based on unique criteria fulfilled throughout a playthrough when Haydee reaches one. Completing the game on either Softcore will earn the player Game Done?

If not already unlocked. The Escape ending requires Haydee to use the Orange Keycard in the Blue Zone themselves, and is arguably easier; compared to the others, very few enemies are encountered and a Save Station is relatively close by.

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However, it reveals the least about the Facility and its nature. Haydee herself will be locked inside the final area, a gate appearing over the exit as soon as she uses the Orange Keycard; presumably dying of natural causes afterwards. As shown, the next Haydee's iteration ends with 58AB-E, the Master not having been replaced and the sub-cycle continuing.

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Using the Orange keycard in the Escape ending will earn the player the No way out achievement. Despite its description, Haydee cannot actually succeed in escaping the facility. As expected, these endings are harder to obtain due to the heavy prevalence of enemies there; the last defence of the Master is built almost entirely from a small army of Slashers. In comparison to the Escape ending, many more implications are suggested about the purpose of the Haydee units.

Haydee will eventually encounter the Master's personal Guards in a narrow corridor just before her chamber; however, the mass of Slashers and Walkers will not attack, letting Haydee pass straight through to confront the Master. Haydee can either kill the Master, resulting in an automatic shutdown and assimilation of the Master's place - refining the Facility to be tougher and even less forgiving, as part of a forceful evolution of the Haydee models; with ABBAC being the first to attempt the newly improved course.

Haydee also has the option to use a Proximity Mine to destroy both her and the Master at the same time. This results in a 'critical error', as no Master is present to control the Facility; however, it reloads the same settings as the previous Master as part of a contingency plan. It is worth noting that although the previous Master's preferences are reused, a replacement Master is not activated and the position is presumably left empty for the next successful Haydee unit to take.

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Killing the Master will earn the player the Remastered achievement if Haydee is still alive. If she is not, the Deadlock achievement will be awarded instead. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Haydee 2 Store Page.

haydee 2 outfits

Global Achievements. Haydee II is a third-person puzzle-shooter, but with a sexy character and a cake! Most popular community and official content for the past week. This patch contains the following changes: Fixes:. Generic Event with Extendted Output. I want try my work and I call all text with a button.

Sometime, it's work. All TextBox appear. Sometime, some don't apear. And it,s not alway the same. I try to add delay, but it's change noting. My hardcore run got resurrected!

So, I turned the power on in tech im ready to start the timer just one problem all I got is 3 rifle rounds and 3 mines.

I think im just a shade too short to complete it right? To soft lock myself here Guess its time to reset again right?

I cannot win with what I have right? Labeled Map: Collectables. View all guides. This patch contains the following changes: Traditional Chinese translation added.Highly recommended for eComme.

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Haydee 2 - How To: DIY Nude Mod

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Haydee 2 - HD512++ Blue Outfit MOD 💥

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haydee 2 outfits

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Haydee 2: How To DIY Nude Mod

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